Mental Health Scholarships

Culture to Culture Foundation has been awarding scholarships to college students enrolled in mental-health course work - here are the recipients of such scholarships.

Since 2003, Culture to Culture Foundation has funded over 80 scholarships and internships to various colleges and universities. An endowment was setup in 2006 at CSU East Bay to continue the funding of scholarships, internships, and contests.

2015 - 2016

$1000 Scharship

F. Michael Chua , CSU East Bay
Jingyun (Theresa) Yao, CSU East Bay

Michael and Theresa published a statement to express their gratitude of Culture to Culture Foundation's support.




  • Wendy Chan, San Francisco State University, Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center
  • Jennifer K. Luu, Alliant International University, Chinatown Child Development Center.  Jennifer's acceptance speech
  • Mimi Kar Wing Wong, Alliant International University, RAMS. Mimi's acceptance speech.
  • Rose Wong, University of California, Berkeley, Cameron House. Rose's acceptance speech.
  • Charlotte Tang, Alliant International University, UCSF Infant-Parent program at San Francisco General Hospital. Charlotte's acceptance speech.
  • Rufina Wing Yee Wu, University of California, Berkeley, Chinatown Child Development Center
  • Lindsay Ip, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health and Training Center and Eating Disorder Examination.  Lindsay's acceptance speech.
  • John (Kangho) Ang, California State University-East Bay, Catholic Charities at John XXIII Facility. John's acceptance speech.


  • Tsung-Hsing Liu, PGSP  
  • Yan Liang, Santa Clara University              
  • Yan Hui Luo, San Jose State        
  • Nancy Chang, UC Berkeley         
  • Josh Krieger, Wright Institute    
  • Colleen Wong, USF        
  • Luo-Wen Wong, Alliant International University
  • Peggy Chin, Alliant International University         
  • Helen Chen, Alliant International University       
  • Michelle Sham, Alliant International University 
  • Nancy Liu, John F Kennedy University   
  • Michael Liao, UC Berkeley           
  • Susan Chen, UC Berkeley            
  • Jennifer Lee, Alliant International University      
  • Ernest Fung, Alliant International University       
  • Jill (Chih-Mei) Chen, Alliant International University


  • Janice Liour, USF, Asian American for Community Involvement
  • Samantha Tsai,  Cal State, Hayward, Asian American for Community Involvement
  • Iwen Wang, JFK Uni., Asian American for Community Involvement
  • Dennis Wang-Yee, CSU, Hayward, Asian Pacific Psychological Services
  • Amy Wong, USF, Chinatown Child Development Center
  • Stephanie Chen, Alliant Int. Univ., Chinatown Child Development Center
  • Peter(Tin) Chan, Alliant Int. Univ., Richmond Area Multi-Services
  • Vida Wong, Alliant Int. Univ., Richmond Area Multi-Services
  • Alison Hui, Wright Institute Clinic, The Wright Institute
  • Nancy Chen, Cal State, Hayward, Asian Pacific Psychological Services
  • Karen Chan, UC Berkeley, Asian Pacific Psychological Services
  • Dennis Wang, CSU, Hayward, Asian Pacific Psychological Services
  • Yu-Hua Lee, Alliant Int. Univ., Asian Pacific Psychological Services
  • Jill Chen, Alliant Int. Univ., Alliance For Community Care,
  • Asian Perinatal Advocates (training),
  • Asian Community Mental Health Services (training)


  • Amy Szeto, UC Berkeley              
  • Chung-Ya Dorothea Ho, UC Berkeley     
  • Sue Wu, CSU Hayward  
  • Judy Hwang, RAMS