2019 Directing Change Film Contest Winners

Showcasing winners of the 2019 Through the Lens of Culture category in the Directing Change film contest.

May 3, 2019

Culture to Culture Foundation is honored to partner with the Directing Change Program & Film Contest for the 2018-2019 year.  Culture to Culture Foundation sponsorship and support included promotion of the Directing Change Program and Film Contest to schools, districts, and young people in
the Bay Area as well as sponsoring the cash prizes for Through the Lens of Culture 1st to 3rd place winners.

Sponsorship and promotional support from the Culture to Culture Foundation resulted in a total of 65 submissions in the Through the Lens of Culture Category and 46 submissions in all categories from the Bay Area. We especially enjoyed being able to screen Bay Area films at the recent event hosted in Contra Costa County on March 25th. This year’s Award Ceremony in Los Angeles was on May 21st as we celebrated youth winners and their films.

Winning videos from 2018 can be found on the 2018 Directing Change Winners, 2017 can be found on the 2017 Directing Change Winners and 2016 can be found on the 2016 Directing Change Winners pages.


2019 Through the Lens of Culture – Suicide Prevention


First Place - “Hidden”

(Recognized at Award Ceremony) - $1,000 cash prize

Sacramento County
Franklin High School
Filmmakers: Ethan Ocampo & Jonathan Ocampo
Advisor: Brad Clark


Second Place - “The Puppet”

Alameda County
Dublin High School
Filmmaker: Collette Lee and Josephine Kao
Advisor: Michael D’Ambrosio


Third Place: “We Are”

Sacramento County
Sacramento Native American Health Center
Filmmakers: Raevana Jordan, Angelina Hinojosa, Mireya Aguilar & Reyna Jordan
Advisor: Jeanine Gaines


2019 Through the Lens of Culture – Mental Health Matters


First Place: “La Ropa Sucia”

(Recognized at Award Ceremony)

San Bernardino County
Health RC Youth Leaders
Filmmakers: Natalie M, Ana F, Zane G, Dinidu R, Camille S, Love B, Marissa C, Gianna S, & Brynn B
Advisor: Joanna Marrufo



Second Place: “Suffering with Stigmas”

Sacramento County
Franklin High School
Filmmaker: Andres Garcia
Advisor: Brad Clark


Third Place: “Falling in Silence”

Riverside County
Encore High School
Filmmakers: Adam R., Danik S., Andrea L., & Zoey C.
Advisor: Jared Nelson

Bay Area Winners


First Place Region 4 Mental Health Regional Winner: “Break the Stigma”

San Mateo County
Hillsdale High School
Filmmakers: Emily French, Sydney Lee, Morgan Robinson, and Carmen Vallin
Advisor: Allison Gamlen


First Place Region 4 Suicide Prevention Regional Winner: “Reaching Out”

Alameda County
Mission San Jose High School
Filmmakers: Chiron Tran, Emeline Tu, Anthony Gao, Eddie Chang, Andrew Wang, Patrick Lu, and Vaidehi
Advisor: Belinda Eugster