Frequently Asked Questions

What is Culture to Culture?

Culture to Culture is a nonprofit, community-based organization founded in 2001 which works to promote mental-health education, advocate for culturally-competent mental-health services, reduce the stigma traditionally associated with mental illness, and increase willingness to access mental-health treatment among the Asian populations in the Bay Area.

What immediate community does it serve?

The Chinese community living in Contra Costa County numbers about 28,000, according to the US Census. 20% of this population does not speak English. Beyond the language barrier, there are many educational, cultural, and emotional/psychological barriers to acculturation by Chinese immigrants and their families in America. There is also a social stigma to admitting personal problems. The services offered by Culture to Culture make it easier for Chinese-Americans and other Asian communities to get help.

What larger community does Culture to Culture want to serve and why was the organization formed?

The Bay Area is home to over 300,000 Chinese-Americans. Research has shown that Asian-American women have the highest suicide rate among women over the age of 65 and the second highest between the ages of 15 and 24 in the United States. Even though suicide rates are high, the mental-health service utilization rate is very low, reflecting a huge gap in the underserved and unserved population. Cultural stigma, language barriers, and the shortage of bilingual and bicultural mental-health professionals make early diagnosis and intervention difficult.

What programs/services do you offer?

The Culture to Culture Foundation has established a series of programs to bridge the gap, reduce cultural stigma, increase mental-health education, provide better access to health-care treatment, reduce mental-health disparity, increase the diversity of mental-health professionals, and provide culturally-competent referrals. Look for current programs and services in the What We Do page.

How many people have benefited from Culture to Culture since your inception?

In the last years of our educational programs, cultural activities, and community events, more than 5,000 Chinese-Americans have benefited from our services in the Bay Area.

How can I reach Culture to Culture?

Email address: