What We Do

There is a saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

Culture to Culture embraces this philosophy by working to build a community dedicated to the emotional and mental-health support of Asian-Americans throughout the Bay Area. In order to achieve this, we offer a number of programs and services dedicated to different needs and goals. In addition, we sponsor scholarship and awards to promote awareness and fight the stigma of mental illness.

Senior Volunteer Award


To encourage volunteerism and show appreciation of these senior volunteers, we created the Senior Volunteer Award of Contra Costa County. Dozens of people and organizations received the award over the years.

For MSW students: create a one-minute video to help combat the stigma of mental illness in Asian and Pacific Islander American communities.

For junior and senior high school students: write an essay on the topic of "How does your personal definition of success affect your mental health?"

For high school students: write an essay on the topic of "What is the #1 mental health issue affecting me and/or my friends? Please share your journey and insights."

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Other Awards

Culture to Culture Foundation sponsored other awards and events over the years. Here are some highlights.


In the past, Culture to Culture Foundation awarded scholarships to college students enrolled in mental-health course work. Here are the recipients of these scholarships.

2008 srvol winners
2009 srvol winners



We sponsored several scholarship contests to promote mental health awareness to high school and college students. Click on the following titles to learn more about the contests and the winners.

Programs and Services


Culture to Culture Foundation offered many programs and services since its inception in 2001. The following are a few active programs and services.


For UC Berkeley School of Public Health faculty member to attend the prestigious Summer Research Institute at Oxford University.

Provide engaging, enriching social activities for senior citizens to promote physical and mental fitness and social interactions.


Sponsor the new Through the Lens of Culture category to promote mental health and suicide prevention.

2017 Winners.

2016 Winners.