Mental Health Scholarship Recipients

Culture to Culture Foundation has been awarding scholarships to college students enrolled in mental-health course work - here are the recipients of such scholarships.

  • Wendy Chan, San Francisco State University, Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center
  • Jennifer K. Luu, Alliant International University, Chinatown Child Deveopment Center.  Jennifer's acceptance speech.
  • Mimi Kar Wing Wong, Alliant International University, RAMS. Mimi's acceptance speech.
  • Rose Wong, University of California, Berkeley, Cameron House. Rose's acceptance speech.
  • Charlotte Tang, Alliant International University, UCSF Infant-Parent program at San Francisco General Hospital. Charlotte's acceptance speech.
  • Rufina Wing Yee Wu, University of California, Berkeley, Chinatown Child Development Center
  • Lindsay Ip, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health and Training Center and Eating Disorder Examination.  Lindsay's acceptance speech.
  • John (Kangho) Ang, California State University-East Bay, Catholic Charities at John XXIII Facility. John's acceptance speech.



  • Tsung-Hsing Liu, PGSP  
  • Yan Liang, Santa Clara University              
  • Yan Hui Luo, San Jose State        
  • Nancy Chang, UC Berkeley         
  • Josh Krieger, Wright Institute    
  • Colleen Wong, USF        
  • Luo-Wen Wong, Alliant International University
  • Peggy Chin, Alliant International University         
  • Helen Chen, Alliant International University       
  • Michelle Sham, Alliant International University 
  • Nancy Liu, John F Kennedy University   
  • Michael Liao, UC Berkeley           
  • Susan Chen, UC Berkeley            
  • Jennifer Lee, Alliant International University      
  • Ernest Fung, Alliant International University       
  • Jill (Chih-Mei) Chen, Alliant International University



  • Janice Liour, USF, Asian American for Community Involvement
  • Samantha Tsai,  Cal State, Hayward, Asian American for Community Involvement
  • Iwen Wang, JFK Uni., Asian American for Community Involvement
  • Dennis Wang-Yee, CSU, Hayward, Asian Pacific Psychological Services
  • Amy Wong, USF, Chinatown Child Development Center
  • Stephanie Chen, Alliant Int. Univ., Chinatown Child Development Center
  • Peter(Tin) Chan, Alliant Int. Univ., Richmond Area Multi-Services


  • Vida Wong, Alliant Int. Univ., Richmond Area Multi-Services
  • Alison Hui, Wright Institute Clinic, The Wright Institute
  • Nancy Chen, Cal State, Hayward, Asian Pacific Psychological Services
  • Karen Chan, UC Berkeley, Asian Pacific Psychological Services
  • Dennis Wang, CSU, Hayward, Asian Pacific Psychological Services
  • Yu-Hua Lee, Alliant Int. Univ., Asian Pacific Psychological Services
  • Jill Chen, Alliant Int. Univ., Alliance For Community Care, Asian Perinatal Advocates (training),
  • Asian Community Mental Health Services (training)


  • Amy Szeto, UC Berkeley              
  • Chung-Ya Dorothea Ho, UC Berkeley     
  • Sue Wu, CSU Hayward  
  • Judy Hwang, RAMS